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Stop mindless eating.
Start mindful living.

Bea is your compassionate artificial intelligence expert who guides you to make permanent changes to your eating habits using research-based psychological principles.
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Meet Bea

Your Mindful Eating Expert.

Never Judgy & Always Available

Powered by AI, Bea is the best friend you can message any time — day or night — for caring, expert advice.

Reflective & Real

Bea is not a diet. Bea is transformation. Get in touch with your true desire for healthier eating through mindfulness and hypnotherapy.

Permanent, Purposeful Change

Bea learns what works for you on your path to healthier eating and helps keep you moving forward.

Ready when you need her

Connect with Bea on Facebook or our website. Bea uses interactive messaging to guide you through activities to gently change your eating habits.

Uncover what stands in your way

Bea asks you questions that reveal unconscious thoughts, patterns and feelings that have been holding you back from change.

Smart steps, big rewards

Bea helps you create a mindful daily plan to keep you focused and on-track.

Overcome obstacles

Bea engages you in motivational exercises to help you summon strength to fight temptation.

Take a deep breath

Make peace with food and get in touch with your body as Bea guides you to a meditative state to build long-lasting change.

Progress made perfect

Discover what has helped or hindered your progress through Bea’s interactive dashboard and easily identify patterns.

Learn and grow together

Reflect on what you learn to get progressively better at staying on track and change the way you view eating. The more you chat with Bea, the better she gets at helping you reach your goals.

That's not all

Affordable Plans

Transform the way you eat without the price of an expensive coach. Bea starts at only $1.99/month after your two-week free trial.

Healthy Eating Tips

Bea won’t tell you what to eat, but she will listen to your goals and provide you with information about new foods to try, based on your preferences.

Activity Suggestions

She'll help you decide which activity you will enjoy the most in order to distract you when the urge to overindulge arises.

Mindfulness Exercises

It’s nice to take a moment to breathe. Chat with Bea anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, and she'll guide you through different 1-minute mindfulness exercises.

Thought Rewiring

Bea helps you evaluate whether you’re using food in healthy or unhealthy ways, so that all of your choices are conscious and considered.

Help Others

A portion of all monthly subscriptions to Bea will go to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

Why Bea is smart

Psychological wisdom fuels Bea’s AI.

With over 15 years of experience working with weight loss, sugar addiction, and binge eating, Dr. Sera Lavelle's approach combines research-based therapy and holistic techniques such as mindfulness and hypnotherapy to support clients in making lasting, positive change. As the owner of NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy in NYC, her work has been featured in articles and editorials in Forbes, NY Magazine, Prevention, Elle, The New York Times, and more.

Dr. Sera Lavelle, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Co-founder, CEO, Bea Better Eating

Bea is almost here!
We'll let you know when she's ready to help you
reach your goals.

Bea is almost here!
We'll let you know when she's ready to help you
reach your goals.

We respect your privacy

Thank you! Your submission has been received!

We respect your privacy

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