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Meet bea

She's smart. She's caring.
And she'll change the way you think about eating forever.

Chat with Bea anytime, anywhere, to learn the principles of mindfulness and systematically change the way you think about food. She doesn't tell you what to do, but instead, connects you with your body and internal strength so that you learn to eat in a way that feels good to you.

Bea helps you take control of your life and your choices through her three main psychological Principles:
Knowledge. Motivation. Meditation

She does this through thoughtfully trained AI and guided meditation designed by Psychologists.

App coming soon!

Our Moral Compass

What we believe.

People already know how to eat to feel good.

Everyone has the ability to reach their goals.

Internal peace is the key to lasting change.

No one should ever struggle alone.

Our Story

Inspired by real people. Founded by friendship.

When Dr. Sera Lavelle, CEO and cofounder, started practicing hypnotherapy for eating habits, she quickly learned that people were really struggling. Over and over, her patients said that the more they talked to nutritionists, coaches, and even therapists, the worse they felt. “What’s wrong with me?” they plead. They already knew exactly what to eat; they just had trouble sticking to their goals.

“What if there was a way to provide a guiding voice that helps people summon their own internal strength at any time without the fear of being judged?”

Mindfulness and hypnotherapy empower people to stop focusing on what they eat and instead get in touch with their bodies. Consistent with research, mindful eatings helps people start viewing healthy eating as a treat and less like an exercise in discipline.

But in-person sessions weren’t enough. Sera couldn’t be there in the middle of the night when her patients were feeling tempted. 

Sera and her colleagues narrowed down the three main principles that help patients the most. The idea was conceived through therapy practice, but Bea really came to life when Sera’s friend Ruby Manadero brought her expertise to the table.

The Founders

Meet Sera & Ruby

We’re experts in our fields, and we’re both moms dealing with the struggles of balancing a career with a healthy lifestyle. As real-life friends, coming together to bring Bea to life was a natural fit.

dr. sera lavelle – co-founder / chief executive officer

Warrior Shrink.

A passionate clinical psychologist who is an advocate for change.

Dr. Sera Lavelle learned hypnosis in 2007 “for fun” after being introduced to meditation while stumbling around Southeast Asia after a volunteer mission in Cambodia. Eager to delve deeper into the depths of the mind, she obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University where she learned to combine research-based and holistic approaches to wellness.

Sera founded NY Health Hypnosis & Integrative Therapy, New York City’s top hypnotherapy practice, where she became an expert and advocate for people struggling with weight loss, sugar addiction, and binge eating. She is passionate about issues affecting women such as eating disorders, motherhood, and infertility. She served as an Adjunct Professor at Brooklyn College and Adelphi University where she taught Psychology of Sex and Gender and Psychology from a Multi-Cultural Perspective. Her work with eating disorders has been highly recognized, with articles about her and her team appearing in Forbes, Prevention, Elle Magazine, NY Times, and NY Magazine.

While Sera holds it down as the Doctor Boss Lady (a playful moniker bestowed by a patient) during the day, her five-year-old boy/girl twins are clearly in charge at home. In her spare time, Sera takes long bike rides, indulges in her audiobook addiction, and plans exotic vacations she might never take.

ruby manadero – co-founder / chief product officer

Undercover Nerd.

A veteran creative technologist with a passion for creating innovative products.

While learning to use the cutting-edge technology at NASA, Ruby Manadero attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she received her BFA in Communication Arts & Design. She cultivated big brands for eight years as an Art Director and Creative Director with top interactive agencies and movie studios in Los Angeles and New York City before making the leap to the tech world.

She scaled CrowdTwist’s initial product stages — the customer loyalty and data analytics platform acquired by Oracle — which she shepherded from paper napkin concepts, and she has since product managed many other digital products. Her work has garnered awards along the way and has also been recognized in Communication Arts & Design, Adobe, Bloomberg, and many more media platforms.

Between raising her four-year old daughter with her husband, Trel, and product designing, Ruby makes time to satiate her inner nerd with VR gaming and graphic novels.

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